CETECOM, renowned as a leading provider in test and certification for wireless communication devices, has upgraded its R&S TS8980FTA-2, R&S CMW-PQA and R&S CMW500 wireless test platforms to include: LTE location based services (LBS) performance; VoLTE E-911 protocol; eMBMS RF performance, video performance and protocol; LTE carrier aggregation RF performance, data throughput performance and protocol; IMS / VoLTE protocol; RCS protocol; ePDG / WiFi calling over IMS, and WiFi offloading.

"The combination of greater processing power, more available bandwidth, and a more efficient all-IP network infrastructure brought about by LTE, are driving the introduction of more sophisticated mobile phones and devices faster than we've seen before," stated Wilfried Klassmann, CEO of CETECOM. "To keep up with this growth and to allow our customers to get their products to market as fast and as efficiently as possible, we are committed to maintaining our state-of-the-art test systems and processes. To these ends, we are pleased to be working with our partner, Rohde & Schwarz."

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