Anite has launched the Virtual Drive Testing Toolset, an automated, lab-based performance and interoperability test solution for cost-effective assessment of mobile devices and network infrastructure.

The innovative solution bridges the gap between lab and field testing through seamless real-world representation of the network environment in the lab, significantly reducing testing time and cost as well as accelerating product availability. The virtual drive test solution uses data captured in the field to build tests that replay drive or indoor test routes by emulating real-world RF network conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. Users are thereby able to cost-effectively verify device and infrastructure performance.

Anite has used its recognised expertise in channel emulation, wireless performance testing and network measurement together with its market leading Propsim F32 channel emulator, Anite 9000 network simulator and Nemo drive test tools to create the Virtual Drive Testing Toolset. This unique approach offers users a complete end-to-end solution revolutionising the testing of mobile devices and network infrastructure with quicker set-up times and more accurate results.

Its powerful script and device automation capability allows virtual field test routes to be repeated for different use case scenarios, enabling reliable and cost-effective device benchmarking and field issue resolution. The solution’s ready-to-run test case packages further help to improve product performance and trouble-shoot interoperability issues.

The Virtual Drive Testing Toolset allows users to either utilise real network infrastructure or deploy a simulated network through integrating the Anite 9000. The solution enables mobile operators as well as device, chipset and network equipment manufacturers to control the device under test from a single, easy to use graphical user interface, conducting real-time diagnostics monitoring, logging test results and analysing test data.

Paul Beaver, product director, commented, “We are excited to launch this revolutionary virtual drive testing solution, leveraging Anite’s unique expertise and product portfolio. Customers will benefit from a seamlessly integrated test solution offering a highly authentic field-to-lab testing experience.”