API Technologies Corp., a leading provider of high performance RF, microwave, millimeter wave solutions, announced that its Quad Transmit Receive Modules (QTRMs), part of the company’s Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU) solution for AESA radar, is now available as a stand-alone module. API’s QTRMs offer the industry’s first stackable building block solution for E-Scan (electronically scanned) radar.

API Technologies’ E-Scan radar solution is unique in the market place, as it supports a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) approach to system maintenance. The QTRM units serve as the common module building block. These units can be easily added or swapped, which simplifies system integration, offers first line repair, and significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

QTRMs can be integrated into a plank to form an antenna subarray. This antenna then serves as the centerpiece of an E-Scan radar system.  Beyond the QTRM units, API offers a variety of plank configurations and cooling solutions to support different platform applications. All such configurations may be customized to suit application-specific requirements. Customers also have the option of purchasing the AAAU, API’s complete antenna array subsystem. Featured applications for these products include radar, data links, coastal and harbor security, border control, satcom on the move, FOD (foreign object detection) for airport runways, and next-generation satellites featuring in-orbit configurable arrays.

The UK designed and manufactured QTRM units ship factory calibrated. Customers and system integrators also have the ability to upload array offsets to support aperture tapering and similar requirements. Currently available in X-Band, C-Band, and S-Band variants, the QTRM features full RF (radio frequency) and DC power. A built-in logic interface offers a variety of calibration options, as well as a BITE status for each T/R (Transmit/Receive) module.

“With the launch of our AAAU platform in 2013, our aim was to get system integrators to think differently about E-Scan radar design and maintenance. Our QTRM delivers unprecedented ease of use and reduced total cost of ownership. It is these benefits that have driven positive customer response,” said Andrew Jagoe-Salter, Head of Business Development, RF, Microwave and Microelectronics, UK, API Technologies Corp.

Several major primes have engaged with API Technologies to leverage the QTRM and AAAU in their radar and data link platforms. Strategy Analytics estimates the global radar market to grow to over $18.3 billion in 2023. Military radar shipments are forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% through 2022 with growth driven by a move towards AESA-based systems. 

“Our AAAU product platform, which includes the QTRM, represents a significant achievement in radar technology. Given widespread and growing adoption of E-Scan radar platforms, we continue to see great opportunities for this platform,” said Bel Lazar, President & Chief Executive Officer, API Technologies Corp.

For more information on API Technologies’ QTRM and AAAU product lines, visit http://www.apitech.com/aesa or call +44 (0) 1908 574324.