RF Problem Solver Kit
The C-RAM RF problem solver kit designed for engineering evaluation contains nine different C-RAM RF materials that can be used for solving RF signal leakage, device compatibility or cavity resonance problems. The kit is equipped with lossy carbon-loaded foam and magnetic silicone rubber-type absorbers for use in the 100 MHz to 40 GHz range. The materials can be cut to size, applied to a lid and readily used for engineering evaluation. A pressure-sensitive adhesive is provided on the back of each piece of material for ease of assembly.
Cuming Microwave Corp.,
Avon, MA
(800) 432-6464.

5 - 25 GHz Elastomeric Microwave Absorbers
The Eccosorb BSR series ultra-thin elastomeric microwave absorbers are designed to eliminate surface currents, reflections and cavity resonance, which diminish the performance of RF amplifiers, oscillators and other microwave devices. The absorbers feature a silicone-based material available with a peel-and-stick adhesive (PSA) SS-6 tape. Type BSR-1 is recommended for use from 5 to 12 GHz and type BSR-2 is recommended for use from 10 to 25 GHz. Both types exhibit good impedance match over the recommended frequency range. The units are available in five standard thicknesses: 0.010", 0.020", 0.040", 0.060" and 0.100" as cut-to-print parts with or without PSAs. Parts can be supplied individually or grouped as kits for various configuration on a single adhesive backing (which is ideal for mass assembly).
Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Inc.,
Randolph, MA
(800) 650-5740 or (781) 961-9600.

Waterproof Microwave Absorber Material
The MAC-5000 series waterproof microwave absorbers are designed for extraneous reflection reduction on outdoor antenna test ranges, and radar cross section test facilities. Various models are available that cover the RF spectrum from 2 to 18 GHz with an attenuation of -15 to -25 dB. Size: 3' x 6' or 3' x 3'. Typical thickness is approximately 0.25". Weight: less than 4 lb (3' x 6' panel).
Millimeter Wave Technology Inc.,
Marietta, GA
(770) 425-9382.

High Frequency Laminates
The type RO4003," RO4350" and RO3003™ laminates are now offered through the company's Rogers Express™ next-day shipping service. The laminates are used for manufacturing commercial high frequency circuits for wireless communication. Standard dielectric thicknesses and claddings of these laminates are available in panels measuring 24" x 18" in quantities of 10, 20 or 30 panels.
Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT
(860) 774-9605.