New Literature

Product Brochure
This 36-page brochure details the company's products for use in cellular and personal communications service, broadcast, microwave, enhanced specialized mobile radio and military markets. HELIAX" coaxial cables, connectors, accessories, assemblies, training and services are described. Specifications and product photographs are provided.
Andrew Corp.,
Orland Park, IL
(800) 255-1479, ext. 367.

1998 Quartz Product Catalog
This catalog describes the company's full line of quartz products, including crystals; crystal oscillators, including voltage-controlled, voltage-controlled temperature-compensated, oven-controlled and temperature-compensated versions; and monolithic crystal filters. Specifications are included.
Fordahl USA Inc.,
Gainesville, GA
(770) 888-0104 .

Adjustable Speed Drive Measurement Application Note
This extensively updated 28-page application note describes electrical measurements made with the company's meters for use in diagnosing bad components and other conditions that may lead to premature motor failure in adjustable speed drives (ASD). Topics covered include safety, traditional and unique motor measurements, and how power quality problems affect ASD operation. Outline drawings and product photographs are provided.
Fluke Corp.,
Everett, WA
(800) 443-5853.

Integrated Microwave Assembly Brochure
This brochure details the company's integrated microwave assemblies for both military and commercial applications over frequencies up to 40 GHz. Capabilities for the custom design of complex assemblies are described.
General Microwave Corp.,
Amityville, NY
(516) 226-8900.

EMI Compliance Measurement Application Note
This 42-page application note (AN 1302) overviews test procedures for compliance testing using the models HP 8542E and 8546A electromagnetic interference (EMI) receivers. Topics covered include receiver and open-site requirements, measurement preparations, software and report development, test setups and step-by-step measurement instructions.
Hewlett-Packard Co., Test and Measurement Organization,
Santa Clara, CA.

Product Catalog
This catalog describes precision crystals, oscillators and filters; and specialty products, including microbalance laboratory crystals and quick-turn clock oscillators. Specifications and line drawings are included.
International Crystal Manufacturing (ICM),
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 236-3741.

Low Level Measurement Handbook
The fifth edition of this low level measurement handbook describes low level DC measuring instruments, including electrometers, picoammeters and source-measure units; and high and low impedance measurements. Applications are listed. A low level instrument selection guide, and cable and connector assembly appendix are provided.
Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH
(800) 552-1115 or (440) 248-0400.

Electronic Designer's Guide
This updated designer's guide describes circuit protection products, including the model 1812L surface-mount resettable device and the SMTelecom" series surface-mount fuse. Design information on selecting fuses or resettable PTCs is provided. A circuit protection selection guide is included.
Littelfuse Inc.,
Des Plaines, IL
(847) 824-1188.

Microwave and mm-wave Mixer Catalog
This catalog comprises data sheets on the company's line of single-, double- and triple-balanced mixers for double-side band up-/downconverting and demodulation; MESFETs for high third-order intercept point; mixers/amplifiers for single- or multichannel applications; and mixer subsystems.
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 439-9423.

Signal Conditioning Selection Application Note
This 24-page application note helps users select signal conditioning and data acquisition (DAQ) components, including signal conditioning modules, terminal blocks, chassis, DAQ devices and cabling. Six example applications are detailed, including typical configurations of thermocouple monitoring, a large channel-count system and a digital input/output system.
National Instruments,
Austin, TX
(512) 794-0100.

Photo-etched Solder Paste Stencil Brochure
This four-page brochure describes the company's photo-etched surface-mount stencils available in standard sizes of 20" x 20" and 29" x 29" for solder paste applications in PCB fabrication. Product photographs are provided.
Photofabrication Engineering Inc.,
Milford, MA
(508) 478-2025.

Product Catalog
This catalog details LMR" series products for wireless applications, including 11 cable sizes ranging from 0.100" to 1.670" and nu-TRAC" radiating antenna cables for in-building and tunnel communications applications.
Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT
(800) 867-2629 or (203) 949-8400.

RF Power Solution Catalog
This 12-page catalog details semiconductor solutions for RF power markets, including LDMOS technology and development, broadcast RF power MOSFETs, medical/industrial RF power MOSFETs, avionics RF microwave transistors and INMARSAT satellite uplink devices. Specifications are listed. Line drawings are provided.
Motorola, Semiconductor Products Sector,
Denver, CO
(800) 441-2447 or (303) 675-2140.

Refurbished Microwave Test Equipment Catalog
This 22-page catalog contains information on refurbished microwave test equipment from several companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Wavetek, Intel, Honeywell, Anritsu, Philips and Tektronix. Product descriptions and prices are provided.
ValueTronics International Inc.,
Schaumburg, IL
(800) 552-8258 or (847) 584-8258.