Insulated Wire, Inc., microwave products division announced a new distribution agreement with HASCO Inc. for the Re-Flex™ product range.

Re-Flex™ is a semi-rigid and conformable replacement cable combining IW’s unique laminated dielectric with a tin/alloy plated outer braid to provide a double shielded re-formable cable that eliminates the failure modes of traditional solid and solder dipped outer jacketed, and provides a highly flexible cable with excellent RF performance, including lower attenuation than the comparable line size RG cables. Re-Flex™ is widely used for both systems and test equipment applications where the ability to make tight bends is a consideration, and multiple bending does not cause the micro fracturing and leakage issues experienced with other hand formable cables.

HASCO Inc. has stock available for immediate delivery of RF141 (RG402 line size) assemblies in a range of lengths starting at 2” with both direct solder and shell style SMA connectors, operating to 18 and 26.5 GHz, respectively.

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