Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platform
This mechanically refrigerated thermal platform (MRTP) relies upon a closed-loop mechanical refrigerated cooling system that eliminates the need for expectorant-based, nonreusable refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide. The unit utilizes a quiet and efficient mechanical refrigeration system that recirculates the refrigerant in a closed-loop system. Only environmentally friendly, zero-ozone-depleting refrigerants are used. The MRTP’s proprietary design features provide fast ramp rates with efficient heat removal. The single-stage system provides a test range of –30° to +150°C and the dual-stage system provides a test range of –60° to +150°C.
Environmental Stress Systems Inc. (ESS),
Sonora, CA
(209) 588-1993.

Thermal Power Sensors
The MA2420A series thermal sensors offer 200 readings per second in models up to 18, 32, 40 and 50 GHz. Compared to previous thermal sensors with 40 to 50 ms rise and fall times, the sensors provide the same 10 to 90 percent response in less than 4 ms. Improvements in connector technology reduce measurement mismatch uncertainty through 50 GHz to levels attained previously only to 20 GHz. Internal electrically erasable programmable read-only memories minimize human error in the computation of calibration factors and enhance measurement linearity. Price: ranges from $1200 to $3700.
Anritsu Co.,
Richardson, TX
(800) 267-4878 or (972) 644-1777.

Micro Test Clips
The models CT2848-4, CT2848-8 and CT2848-12 (four, eight and 12 clips, respectively) are designed for surface-mount and other high density circuit testing. Micro-sized pincer tips access IC leads down to 0.20 mm pitch without shorting adjacent elements. The clips are opened easily from the top and can be placed precisely on small devices. The extension barrel is insulated for additional circuit protection. Using the supplied holding rod, the thin-bodied clips can be staggered for tight, side-to-side stacking. Rated at 30 V AC/60 V DC and less than 120 mW, the units are offered in several colors, including red, yellow, green and blue. Temperature rating is –20° to +80°C. Each kit includes matching 10-cm-long micro leads and two holding rods for every four clips. Price: $75, $140 and $205 for the models CT2848-4, CT2848-8 and CT2848-12, respectively.
Cal Test Electronics Inc.,
Placentia, CA
(714) 630-1908.

VHF/UHF Circuit Board Tester
The model 500 HC circuit board tester operates from 100 MHz to approximately 1.3 GHz. Noninvasive measurements of e and tand are made on unclad samples of thin dielectric materials measuring 0.005" (0.125 mm) to approximately 0.160" (4 mm) thick. Control of the scalar or vector analyzer and data reduction are provided by the company’s CAVITY software package.
Damaskos Inc.,
Concordville, PA
(610) 358-0200.

The model 2182 nanovoltmeter with one count in 12,000,000 (over seven digits) resolution is designed for use in applications requiring low voltage measurements. The unit’s low noise level typically is achieved via extended integration periods of 30 s or more by filtering the response. The unit’s Delta mode implements the common current-reversal method for canceling thermal emfs (using an external source) at up to 8 Hz and can average multiple readings for greater noise reduction. This fast current-reversal rate is achieved by the nanovoltmeter’s fast, low noise A/D converter. The unit features a noise specification of 6 nV p-p and up to 2 ppm accuracy. In addition, the instrument provides a typical p-p noise of 30 nV at 1 rdg/s. At 1 PLC (15 rdgs/s), typical noise is 75 nV. The nanovoltmeter has five measurement ranges: 10 and 100 mV, and 1, 10 and 100 V. Price: $2495. Delivery: four to eight weeks (ARO).
Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH
(800) 552-1115 or (440) 248-0400.

Universal DBS-band Test Translator
The model DN-17-12-UNIV test translator is designed for use in applications where multiple DBS-band transmit-to-receive frequency translations are required. The translator is microprocessor controlled and soft-key menu driven for rapid setup and easy operation. Translator parameters are selected by choosing a satellite name or a combination of transmit, receive and translation frequencies. The translator features a large back-lit display, function keys and a scroll knob to provide instant access to critical operating parameters. All operating parameters are available locally or through the remote interface bus. Software upgrades and revisions to include new satellites are available through an integrated PCMCIA memory card.
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 436-7400.