Signal Hound, the pioneer and leader in high-performance USB-powered spectrum analyzers, announced the availability of a white paper entitled, "Cost-efficient and Extensible RF Spectrum Monitoring & Management". The white paper discusses:

  • Trends driving factors for in-the-field RF spectrum management
  • Limitations of larger, standalone spectrum analyzers vs. portable USB-based spectrum analyzers
  • An open systems approach to RF spectrum analysis
  • Real world benefits and use cases.

            In a recent use case, Dr. Robert Melville, staff scientist at an east coast engineering school, made essential use of a Signal Hound during a recent trip to the South Pole. Signal Hound was used to investigate potential sources of RF noise for an upcoming science project. Dr. Melville used an even older version of the Signal Hound, the USB-SA44 spectrum analyzer, which was originally introduced in February 2010. It’s still performing perfectly, even in sub-zero temperatures.

          To download the white paper, please visit: