Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced it will demonstrate an innovative and diverse range of electronic test solutions at electronica 2014, Nov. 11 – 14, Munich, Hall A1, Booth 506. These solutions, which help engineers bring their product to market faster, include a broad range of the most recent basic and general purpose instruments that span DC to RF, such as  DMMs, frequency counters, audio analyzers, signal generators and new mid-range oscilloscopes, the S-Series and InfiniiVision 6000-X.

Power Product Solutions

Learn about using the Keysight N89000 Series prewired racks configurations in high-power applications. These racks support up to 90 kW of power using the N8900 Series of autoranging DC power supplies. Users can remotely program and control the rack system via LAN, USB or GPIB. The rack comes fully assembled for greater ease of use and safety. Parallel N8900 Series 15 kW units are used to create a single power supply with up to 90 kW of power. See how the Keysight N678x power family of productsare used to characterize low-power consumption, such as used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Also learn how to improve test throughput with the new N79xx Advanced Power Systems solutions. In addition, Keysight will show our entire range of power solutions in AC & DC Power which are used in aerospace and defense, automotive, wireless and energy applications.

Power Device Characterization

Learn how the Keysight B1506A is ideal for optimising and minimizing switching losses in power circuit designs. Power devices ultimately determine the power loss in an electronic circuit, so a deep understanding of their characteristics is critical to the development of reliable and energy efficient products. The B1506A can measure I/V parameters to 3 kV, 1.5 kA with μΩ on-resistance and fA leakage current sensitivity over a wide temperature range, from -50° to +250° C, and automatically measure capacitance and gate charge (Ciss, Coss, Crss, Rg, Qg) with no change in device cabling.

Design Validation and Prototyping

Learn about the Keysight x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer and the test challenges engineers face when using boundary scan – an indispensable technology. The x1149 boundary scan analyzer is a versatile yet simple to use tool that helps all the way through product design and test – from design validation and prototyping phase to pre-ramp up and onto the manufacturing test stage. The x1149 is the only bench top solution in the market that offers Cover-Extend Technology (CET).  CET is a patented and award-winning innovation that combines boundary scan and capacitive-coupled sensing technology to uniquely extend test coverage to devices outside the boundary scan chain.

Signal Integrity Measurements

Learn about the new Keysight digital high-end, breakthrough AWG and BERT products, and how the instruments are addressing today’s requirements and the future demands of the info-tech, wireless, wireline, semiconductor and aerospace/defense markets. These instruments offer a superiors platform for stimulus test and feature excellent signal integrity measurements with high-end real-time and sampling scopes on response side.

Material Characterization from mmWave to THz

Learn about measuring the relative permittivity and loss tangent of dielectric materials at mm-wave and THz frequency for critical information needed for material and circuit design, modelling, research, manufacturing and quality control. This information is particularly critical for stealth materials, dielectric substrates, microwave food products and biofuels, where accurate characterization of their electromagnetic properties is required.

RF Power Amplifier Module Design with ADS

Learn how to design a multi-technology RF power amplifier module using ADS layout. The demonstrations will consist of a module design approach, environment setup, incorporating multiple technologies such as setting up substrate definitions, floor planning, routing, inductor design, full module simulation, verification and export for manufacturing.

Wideband Signal Generation and Analysis

Learn about capturing and understanding elusive signals and analyze transient signals using Keysight oscilloscopes and signal analyzers. In combination with real-time spectrum analysis tools, the test system can reveal what is happening inside product designs to solve technical problems for digital communications and radar applications that require demodulation and analysis of wideband signals.

Demodulation and Analysis of Wideband Signals

Learn how many of today’s digital communications and radar applications require demodulation and analysis of wideband signals, which are often challenging test engineers. In addition to measuring over the wide bandwidth, it is often beneficial to capture and understand elusive signals and analyze transient signals. The demonstration will show how to combine instruments, such as oscilloscopes and signal analyzers, with real-time signal analysis tools to help engineers understand what is happening inside their design and how to solve their technical problems.

FPGA Customization

Learn how to customize the FPGAs inside the M9703A AXIe high performance digitizer platform to address emerging multi-channel applications within the context of 5G, Massive MIMO, LTE-Advanced, beamforming and phased array antennas. With the SystemVue FPGA architect, R&D and DVT engineers are able to access and customize the FPGA inside the M9703A AXIe digitizer platform. This is accomplished through a high-level programming and simulation environment that enables custom, real-time signal processing, performs fast prototyping and also can integrate additional tools for signal analysis and generation.

Innovative Solutions for Research

Learn how to develop multifunction and multiport scalable test beds for research projects with PXI-based measurement setups. Understand the benefits of multiple measurement functionalities, switching, attenuation and other components integrated into a single, “ready-to-go” chassis. Experience the same measurement science, using known and proven Keysight software, to make measurements that can be quickly correlated and transferred between traditional benchtop instruments and PXI-based setups throughout the product development lifecycle.