e2v, the high-reliability semiconductor provider, has announced the latest in a long line of high performance BDCs for military applications. Focusing on high reliability and performance, the BDCs are based on a high speed, single core architecture, bringing critical benefits to military systems.

When it comes to military electronics, system performance and reliability are paramount to achieving mission success. Signal conversion requirements are at the forefront of the industry and high performance BDCs are recognised as critical system components. e2v's latest BDCs are driving the performance of these systems to a whole new level, enabling high spectral purity, with no interleaving spurs, and extremely short latency for real time operation, so that systems can react effectively to potential threats.

Exposure to harsh environments can also seriously affect the reliability of military electronics. e2v BDCs are specifically manufactured to withstand varying temperatures, so that systems remain stable and performance is not adversely impacted. These 12 bit BDCs have been qualified for operation over extended temperature ranges and are also available with quality grades ranging from commercial to space level.

Solutions available in addition to the current e2v product portfolio include:

•    EV12AS200A, a 12bit 1.5GSPS ADC allowing direct RF sampling up to L-band without sacrificing performance

•    EV12DS130A, a 12bit 3GSPS DAC enabling direct signal conversion up to C-band with 7GHz analogue output bandwidth

 Both BDCs are now available in non-RoHS finish option.