Modelithics, Inc., the premier provider of simulation models for RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave devices, announced this year’s major release of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, version 11.3 for NI AWR Design Environment/Microwave Office circuit design software. New simulation models have been added for passive capacitor, inductor, coupler and diplexer families, as well as active semiconductor devices from popular vendors, including AVX, Mini-Circuits, Coilcraft, MA-COM, Passive Plus, Rohm and Murata. 

Additions to the Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Microwave Office include over 60 new substrate- and part-value-scalable passive Global Models™ since the last major release. Also recently added are non-linear MA-COM varactor diode models, Rohm and Toshiba non-linear transistor models, and over 15 coupler and diplexer models for AVX components. The new models are designed with extensive capabilities to provide exceptional simulation accuracy, design flexibility and customization. With this new release, the Modelithics COMPLETE Library now represents OVER 10,000 RF & MICROWAVE DEVICES!

The v11.3 Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Microwave Office contains several enhanced features for designers. The pad scaling range for over 80 capacitor models has been extended to include IPC “least” and “most” pad geometries. A new library of S-parameter measurement file-based models has also been added. The S-Parameter (SPAR) library, contains models, primarily for components for which scalable Global passive models or non-linear models are not yet available in other sub-libraries contained within the Modelithics COMPLETE Library; however, most of the SPAR models do have designer convenience features as compared to simple S-parameter-files  such as part-value select-ability. All S-parameter-based models are now conveniently available in the Modelithics element list within Microwave Office. SPAR models are single substrate and fixed pad size, and this information is specified in the model information data sheets available for all models by clicking “Element Help” for each model. The Modelithics element list is now sorted both by part type and by vendor for convenience.

In association with the release of version 11.3 of Modelithics COMPLETE Library, Modelithics is also introducing the EXEMPLAR Library. The Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library is a new collection of models from the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, ideally suited for University or for designers with more limited budgets who still want the advantage of at least some of the advanced models available from Modelithics. The EXEMPLAR library includes a multitude of example projects and tutorials developed by Modelithics, plus all of the simulation models needed to run them.  The EXEMPLAR Library is representative of all types of models contained in Modelithics COMPLETE, so is a great option for initial or longer-term evaluation purposes.  As a special promotional offer associated with this release Modelithics is offering qualified customers new to Modelithics a six months free use of EXEMPLAR for Microwave Office.  See  for more information and to make a request your free six month license to Modelithics EXEMPLAR.