Anritsu Co. announces a cost-effective end-to-end solution for testing devices and chipsets supporting enhanced Multicast Broadcast Multimedia Service (eMBMS) for LTE Broadcast that incorporates EXPWAY’s e-Cast™ Broadcast Multicast Service Center (BM-SC) server with the Anritsu MD8430A signaling tester and Rapid Test Designer (RTD). The Anritsu MD8430A solution with the EXPWAY e-Cast BM-SC server allows chipset and device makers to easily simulate LTE Broadcast service delivery in the laboratory, creating real-world scenarios to validate the performance of their products before shipping to improve time to market and control test costs.

The e-Cast BM-SC controls the distribution of media content to end users and is a key element within LTE networks that support eMBMS. The e-Cast server combined with the MD8430A provides a complete end-to-end solution to test LTE radio signaling together with real-world LTE Broadcast services.

The inclusion of Anritsu’s RTD software provides a robust solution for testing LTE radio signaling to schedule multicast data and channel acquisition verification. It can also test configuration changes and local time synchronization, MAC layer scheduling, service continuity and channel capacity.

“Chipset and device makers are in a race to be selected by carriers as the leading vendor for LTE Broadcast devices so they can gain market share. Our partnership with EXPWAY provides much-needed eMBMS support in a single solution that tests complete end-to-end performance. It also solidifies the position of the MD8430A, which is the tester of choice by market leaders to verify performance and speed time to market,” said Pete Alexander, PhD, vice president and general manager of Anritsu Co.

“Our solution will accelerate time to market for LTE Broadcast devices. Incorporating our industry leading BM-SC server into Anritsu’s test solution benefits device makers who need early confidence that their products will inter-work with real-world network deployments,” said Claude Seyrat, chief marketing officer, EXPWAY.

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