Advantech Wireless and SATCOM Digital Networks (SDN) present details of the Next Generation Discovery Adaptive Satellite Access Technology (A-SAT™) platform.

Maximum satellite bandwidth efficiency and radical CAPEX and OPEX cost-savings

The Advantech Wireless A-SAT™ technology is revolutionizing the satellite communications industry. A-SAT™ is beyond dual mode TDMA-SCPC in return channels, it continuously monitors channel utilization and switches the satellite access method and MODCOD seamlessly for the return channel to dynamically maximize the space segment utilization efficiency. Additionally, by having TDMA and true SCPC technologies in a single platform, the switch between traffic patterns is efficiently supported and all risks of equipment obsolescence are not just mitigated but completely eliminated.

David Chisholm, president at SATCOM Digital Networks states, “The Discovery Hub was chosen based on three specific requests from our customer: speed, reliability and clear un-interrupted phone calls. Although these may appear as a given, the current deployed infrastructure in the Marcellus region was lacking these important requirements. Our relationship with Advantech Wireless and the deployment of the Discovery Hub has raised the bar in the gas field VSAT market. The ability to use the A-SAT™ technology to support customer demands for high payload data transfer has given us a distinct advantage in the gas and oil industry. Additionally, A-SAT™/ACM keeps the link established when others fail due to atmospheric conditions. These are great features. The Discovery 100 has delivered the results needed to operate in this specialized environment. In plain words it works and it works well.”

“Our solutions are delivering maximum satellite spectral efficiency, hence the smallest occupied bandwidth at superior link availability and radical CAPEX and OPEX cost-savings to our customers,” stated Bob Petrucelli, vice president, U.S. sales at Advantech Wireless. “In conjunction with our industry leading Multi-Channel Demodulator MCD-2, A-SAT™ is truly redefining and transforming the way satellite communication will be deployed on a global scale.”

Advantech Wireless A-SAT™ system exhibits the lowest jitter in either SCPC or TDMA access scheme. The extremely fast scheduler reassigns channels almost 40 times per second in MF-TDMA/SCPC formats, making it ideal for GSM and 3G backhauling, Enterprise PBX, managed VoIP, analog voice and all other latency/jitter sensitive applications.