CTS Corporation, through its subsidiary CTS Tusonix, announces the release of two new sample kits of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) filters specifically suited for microwave applications.

CTS compiled two “C” type kits, 4300-900 and 4306-900, that are ideal for use in applications where board space and high performance are critical. The 4300-900 kit is an assortment of 10 parts from CTS’ solder mount EMI/RFI 4300 series that are designed with minimum capacitance from 10 to 27 nF, 300 working voltage DC at 85°C and 200 working voltage DC at 125°C. The 4306-900 kit consists of 10 parts from CTS’ press-in filter 4306 series. These miniature filters suppress unwanted EMI and allow a fast, mechanical bonding by offering an excellent alternative to traditional soldering installation that significantly reduces assembly costs. They have an epoxy sealed top (flange) and glass sealed bottom that cover a variety of voltage requirements (300 working voltage DC at 85°C and 200 working voltage DC at 125°C available), capacitance ranges (up to 27nF), and attenuation (5 amps).

“The products featured in our new sample kits were meticulously selected,” says vice president and general manager of CTS Electronic Components, Mario Saucedo. “These high quality filters effectively reduce radio frequency interference and are the most fitting for microwave applications.”

For more information on CTS’ new sample kits, please call +1-800-757-6686 (North America), +65-6481-1466 (Asia) or +1-508-435-6831 (International); email EMCsales@ctscorp.com,  or contact a supporting CTS Sales Representative or one of CTS’ many distribution partners.