TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc., a leading RF solutions supplier and technology innovator, announced that its advanced filtering solutions and multi-band, multi-mode PA modules (MMPAs) for LTE smartphones have captured nearly 20 reference design wins with all six major chipset providers in greater China.

“Our high-performance filters and MMPAs have earned a spot on 18 new reference designs in greater China,” said Todd DeBonis, TriQuint's vice president of global sales and strategic development. “TriQuint is proud to collaborate with chipset suppliers and OEMs in this key market to accelerate the next generation of RF and solve wireless 4G coexistence challenges.”

Engineers developing consumer devices in China and Taiwan rely heavily on reference designs from chipset providers like MediaTek. These technical blueprints give OEMs a proven solution, which reduces risk significantly, shortens design cycles and speeds time to market. This is a crucial advantage for Chinese smartphone makers who are expanding beyond their own borders into the hyper-competitive global market.

“As Chinese consumers move to data-enabled smartphones and LTE band counts increase, TriQuint's premium filters are playing a crucial role in solving the most challenging interference issues in today’s crowded RF spectrum,” said MT Hsieh, MediaTek’s Technical Director, Smartphone Business Unit. “We selected TriQuint's advanced bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters not only for their superior performance, but also knowing we could count on TriQuint's high-volume manufacturing capacity to assure supply as we pursue a bigger share of the global market.”

MediaTek, a world leader in systems-on-a-chip for wireless communications and home entertainment, overtook Intel in 2013 to capture the number two spot in the 3G UMTS baseband market, according to Strategy Analytics. MediaTek’s recent LTE chip announcements signal its intention to drive 4G baseband market share and revenues around the globe.

In addition to numerous reference design wins, TriQuint's premium filters and high-performance MMPAs have scored multiple design wins for high-volume 4G smartphones in China, the world's largest single smartphone market. Sales there soared more than 85% last year, according to Gartner. TriQuint also is benefiting from the build-out of 4G network infrastructure in China with increased sales of its base stations and other communications products. Analysts forecast more than 400,000 Chinese 4G LTE base stations will be deployed in 2014 alone.

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