Eastern OptX, long recognized as the world’s leader in microwave delay lines for radar target simulation, introduced its Series 10000 Radar Scenario Generator. Various components of this system will be on display at the International Microwave Symposium on June 3-5 in Tampa, FL.
Features include:

  • Scenario generation that includes speed of the target, opening or closing Doppler frequency addition;
  • Dynamic Doppler radar addition is imposed directly onto the radar system’s transmit signal;
  • Scenario creation is done from the front panel touch screen or via Ethernet remote programming;
  • Programmable radar target creation is possible from close in (five feet) to over 200 miles, in steps as small as five feet; and
  • Optional software allows entry of scenarios by segment via either latitude/longitude or Google Maps enabling complex flight simulations.

When used as a radar altimeter test set, these programmable features allow for flight path simulations, such as takeoff and landing patterns. The Series 10000 includes all of the valuable features of other Eastern OptX products, including programmable delay lines to 40 GHz, range formula target amplitudes, Doppler radar generation, dynamic multipath, and sophisticated software.