ParkerVision Inc., a developer and marketer of semiconductor technology solutions for wireless applications, announced that its patent portfolio once again ranked among the Top 25 companies in The Patent Board's Telecom and Communications Industry scorecard, published by The Wall Street Journal on March 17, 2014.

ParkerVision ranked in the top 25 for the overall measure of technology strength and, for the fourth consecutive reporting period, earned the highest score among the top 50 companies in terms of 5-year cumulative science strength. ParkerVision ranked second among the top 50 companies in the measures of research intensity, industry impact and 13-week science strength.

The Patent Board also analyzed the Transmission subcategory of Telecommunications, which is part of their internal Technology Area classification system. In this subcategory, ParkerVision had the highest Science Linkage(TM) with a score of 128.4, compared to an average score in this subcategory of 2.0. According to The Patent Board, Science Linkage measures the average scientific referencing per patent and can be a signal of cutting-edge technologies.

ParkerVision chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Parker, commented, "We are pleased to see The Patent Board's recognition of our state-of-the-art transmission innovations and IP. We accelerated our development in this category in the mid-2000's when we recognized the demands and design challenges of 3G, 4G, and future networks and the requirements to reduce power consumption, reduce heat generation, and improve performance in highly integrated advanced semiconductor processes.

Together with our partner 3LP, we are actively offering licensing and/or product ventures to companies whose products will benefit from the significant advantages enabled by our RF innovations."

ParkerVision has a worldwide portfolio of over 245 patents, including 28 granted within the last twelve months.