Michael Casper, president & CEO of UltraSource Inc., a thin film ceramic microchip manufacturer is pleased to announce that UltraSource Inc. is featured in the publication titled “Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Electronic Packaging” by Rick Sturdivant and published by Artech House.

Author, Rick Sturdivant, has over 20 years of industry experience in designing modules, packages, and integrated circuits for microwave and millimeter?wave applications. Sturdivant earned his M.S. in electrical engineering at UCLA and he currently works as a consultant and in business development. Sturdivant can be contacted at http://www.ricksturdivant.com and his book can be purchased through Artech House at  http://www.artechhouse.com/Main/Books/Microwave-and-MillimeterWave-Electronic-Packaging-2081.aspx.


Casper explains that “when Sturdivant approached UltraSource for examples and photos that would be applicable to his new book, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute photos of our thin film ceramic devices and product examples for him to use as reference in his publication.”

Casper commented that “Sturdivant’s book is well written and laid out in an easy to understand manner and contains relevant information for electrical engineers designing today’s cutting edge technology. Chapter 3 –expertly explains ceramic packaging advantages for microwave and millimeter?wave applications. UltraSource Inc. specializes in fabricating custom thin film circuits and interconnects on ceramics in order to deliver those advantages to our customers.”

Casper, on behalf of UltraSource, Inc., would like to congratulate Rick on his publication and wish him success with his book.