P1LP-Term-716J100WRFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for P1dB’s 100 W, low PIM termination. Covering 0.8 to 2.6GHz, the P1dB P1LP-Term-716J100W features low PIM performance of <163dBc at +43dBm/tone. VSWR performance is 1.09:1 from a 7/16 female connector.

The P1LP-Term-716J100W from P1dB continues the expansion of P1dB’s family of low PIM offerings, including cable assemblies, adapters, attenuators, and now terminations. The P1LP-Term-716J100W is well suited for a variety of base station applications, test and measurement, and systems testing.

Available from stock to three weeks in small quantities.