32P7197FRFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for low passive inter-modulation (PIM) terminations from EMC Technology. The 32P7197F, 110 W flange mount termination boasts a PIM spec of -127 dBc with two 20 W input tones. Designed for demanding infrastructure applications, EMC’s 32P7197F operates to 2 GHz with a maximum VSWR of 1.25:1.

This termination can handle peak powers up to 1100 W based on a 10 microsecond pulse width with one percent duty cycle. Featuring a tab launch and integrated heat sink, the 32P7179F finds applications in mobile network infrastructure, broadcast amplifiers, high power isolators and instrumentation. Nominal impedance is 50 ohms with a maximum temperature coefficient of +/- 200 PPM/degree C.