Modelithics Inc. has collaborated with TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. to develop high-accuracy simulation models for five popular Gen II GaN Transistors from TriQuint, including the TGF2023-2-01, TGF2023-2-02, TGF2023-2-05, TGF2023-2-10 and TGF2023-2-20.

Modelithics’ proven non-linear modeling techniques have given design engineers advanced tools that enable them to simulate active devices with accuracy, flexibility, and ease.  The new TriQuint GaN transistor models have been validated over extensive broad-band and high power measurements, including multi-bias broad-band S-parameters (through 26 GHz), pulsed IV, pulsed load pull and swept power at various frequencies between 3 and 18 GHz.  Advanced features included with these new models include scaling of operating voltage, ambient temperature and self-heating effects, as well as intrinsic voltage/current node access for those wishing to perform waveform optimization. Each model includes a detailed datasheet, with important information about model development and usage. 

Modelithics president & CEO Larry Dunleavy commented that “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to support TriQuint customers with this new GaN model library.   We have been improving our high power transistor measurement and modeling methods steadily over the past decade and our on-going collaboration with TriQuint is an ideal blending of strengths for the benefit of GaN PA developers seeking a simulation-based design path.”  TriQuint Transistor Product Line Manager, Richard Martin added   “Modelithics’ latest models give engineers incredible insight into the design process.  Their advanced and highly scalable models add to designer confidence, spurring creative thinking and faster innovation.”

The TriQuint GaN models are currently available for FREE download and use by approved TriQuint customers. For detailed model information, visit the TriQuint MVP page on the Modelithics website ( For more information on accessing TriQuint’s GaN Transistor models, contact Modelithics at 813-866-6335, or