LPKF Laser & Electronics has announced the launch of a new educational video series, Ask LPKF, which will feature user-submitted queries about LPKF products and technologies.

The series, which is being produced at LPKF’s North American headquarters outside Portland, Ore., serves as a resource for those new to LPKF products and technologies as well as for those already familiar with the engineering equipment specialist.

At launch LPKF had produced four Ask LPKF segments, featuring questions on topics ranging from PCB laser systems to materials used for molded interconnect device fabrication.

LPKF plans on producing 1-2 Ask LPKF segments each month and welcomes questions about any of its product divisions, which include: rapid PCB prototyping equipment, laser systems for depaneling PCBs and creating SMT stencils, laser plastic welding, and laser direct structuring of 3D molded interconnect devices (MIDs).

To view the series or to submit a question to LPKF, visit the Ask LPKF homepage: www.lpkfusa.com/AskLPKF/