Sonoscan announces its enhanced Digital Image Analysis Toolbox™ used for automated acoustic analysis of individual IC components, various types of bonded wafers including MEMS devices, and other devices.

The DIA Toolbox is used for sorting components automatically into accept/reject or multiple defined categories. It contains many pre-defined common analysis tools, such as:

  • Interface analysis: Nondestructively determines the bond between two surfaces in a package - mold compound to die, for example, or solder bump to die face.
  • Wafer bond analysis: Used to quantify the number of voids or non-bonds between two bonded wafers. It can count and sort defects of specific sizes and determine pass/fail criteria based on the quantity or location distribution of each size. 
  • Chip on wafer analysis: Measures the quality of the bumps and underfill between the chip and the wafer and outputs a location-specific report.

The tool has multiple wizards to quickly establish inspection parameters. The wizard walks the operator through the pre-defined inspection parameters and establishes the inspection criteria rapidly.

Additionally, the user has the ability to easily create new tool variations. Sonoscan also offers customization of the analysis and wizards to meet specific customer needs.

Many standard output formats from the DIA Toolbox can be customized for the laboratory, factory or associated equipment.

Because placement of a component can be imperfect, the DIA Toolbox has a search and locate function. It looks for specific component features (or the edges of features) and uses these to accurately adjust and align the inspection area over the device. 

The DIA Toolbox is a very versatile automated inspection capability available on all of Sonoscan’s equipment.