Test and Measurement Directional Couplers

Werlatone® Inc. supplies high power, ultra-wideband directional couplers throughout the world. Over the past 45 years it has grown its test and measurement coupler line in support of specific programs, but also based upon its market vision, whether in the military or commercial segments.

Multi-octave directional couplers are available throughout the marketplace, as are high power designs. However, Werlatone provides a combination of bandwidth, power and low loss. Loss on such designs is very critical as it will quickly translate to heat and ultimately unit failure. Model C8060 (20 dB bi-directional coupler, 200 to 6000 MHz, 200 W CW) is an example of bandwidth, power and low loss in a compact size. As a test coupler, the C8060 allows for accurate readings at lower power due to its coupling factor. With an attenuator, the user can loosen the coupling to test at higher power levels as well. Regardless, the loss and thus the heating remain minimal.

At 30 dB coupling, the C9191 (20 to 1000 MHz, 100 W CW) and the C8000 (600 to 6000 MHz, 100 W CW) provide excellent bandwidth covering multiple frequency bands in a test environment. As the coupling factor loosens, the power ratings go up. At 40 dB coupling, Model C6021 covers a full 10 kHz to 1000 MHz at 500 W CW, incurring an insertion loss of less than 0.6 dB.

Additional showcase designs include the C7734 (30 to 2500 MHz, 100 W CW) and the C8998 (100 to 3000 MHz, 250 W CW). Peak power levels are typically 10× the CW power, but please seek confirmation first on specific models. The combination of high power, wide bandwidth and low loss is a challenging requirement that Werlatone couplers meet.

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