Model STE-SF906-00-N1 is a D band frequency extender, which extends the input frequency of 12 to19 GHz to a full waveguide bandwidth, 110 to 170 GHz operation. The frequency extender combines high performance millimeter passive multipliers, amplifiers and filters to extend the low frequency sweeper or synthesizer to D band frequency band.

The required input power is +20 dBm and resultant output power is 0 dBm typically. The DC input is +12Vdc/750 mA. The extender is equipped with SMA(F) input connector and WR-06 waveguide output connector. It measures 4.20” (W) x 6.15” (L) x 2.68” (H) and weighs 2.2 Lbs.

The frequency extenders in other frequency bands with output frequency from 50 to 140 GHz are offered with different model numbers.