International Manufacturing Services Inc. (IMS), a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality thick film chip resistors, terminations, attenuators and other RF components to the electronics industry, announces the availability of its compact Thick Film 7GHz SMT Wilkinson Power Divider.

The model IMD2613 has a 20% bandwidth and exhibits insertion loss less than 0.5dB at its center frequency. Phase differential is 3-7° or less and VSWR is a maximum of 1.3:1. Alumina construction and proprietary high conductivity films provide a high level of unit-to-unit performance repeatability not found in multi-layer devices.

The IMD Series Wilkinson power dividers are an excellent space saving alternative to soft board solutions. The IMD2613 is contained within a 0.355” X 0.184” package with input power rating of 20W at 100°C baseplate temperature. IMS has designed and developed many IMD Series dividers with various center frequencies from S to Ku Bands. Samples of the IMD2613 and other IMD Series dividers are available by visiting their website at or by contacting the factory.