SEMCAD X V11.0 Mönch is the latest release of SPEAG’s powerful EM TCAD package and another major breakthrough in numerical simulations. Now featuring 4 EM solvers (Yee-FDTD, FIT/Conformal-FDTD, ADI-FDTD, C/FIT-ADI-FDTD), 2 EM combined thermal solvers (T, Conformal T) and ultra-fast aXware hardware acceleration, SEMCAD X provides a complete solution to analyze and optimize multi-physics problems of any complexity. The company claims its latest version of the SEMCAD X aXware FDTD acceleration hardware allows simulation speeds more than 150 times faster than the company's main competitors, enabling the full analysis of a CAD derived mobile phone in less than two minutes.

The forthcoming new Optimization Package includes two Genetic Algorithms in addition to standard optimization engines, finally allowing the full optimization of CAD derived devices.

In addition, special material models, 3-D dielectric/metallic thin sheet coating and native 64 bit support for GUI and all solvers make SEMCAD X the right solution for any EM related needs.

The company's wide customer base including global players in the mobile communication and medical sector rely on SEMCAD X in applications ranging from the design of waveguiding structures, over virtual prototyping up to the optimization of complex CAD derived structures.

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