High Performance Ceramic Filters

Ceramic filter technology now offers advantages over other filter technologies, and can even replace some cavity filter designs. Integrated Microwave Corp.’s (IMC) ceramic filters offer improved frequency coverage, higher Q, higher power handling capabilities, more poles, more package options and lower cost than many alternative filter technologies. IMC ceramic filters have higher Q values, greater than 1600 at some frequencies, with frequency coverage from 200 MHz to 10 GHz and bandwidths of 0.3 to 100 percent. Powers levels of >100 W CW and >2 KW peak are possible in some frequency ranges and configurations. IMC ceramics exhibit less AM/FM microphonics than lumped-element filters in every axis, at every vibration frequency and amplitude.

IMC ceramic filter technology produces up to 11 pole filters at full production rates and 13 pole filters are possible. NRE is now typically $500 or less for an eight-pole bandpass filter design due to better simulation software combined with expert databases.

IMC manufactures RF and microwave filters for many Space programs and applications (orbital, deep space and planetary missions). IMC is proud to have ceramic diplexers on the surface of Mars (in all three rovers and the Phoenix Lander), onboard the Mars Orbiter and supporting the International Space Station. They offer ceramic filters, diplexers and triplexers that are multipaction-resistant and ready for deployment in high-reliability applications.

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