Agilent Technologies Inc. is using EuMW as a platform for launching brand new products to the industry. The first is its next-generation wireless communications test set platform, an ideal solution for calibrating mobile phones in high-volume manufacturing. It provides industry-leading measurement speed and integrity, as well as unique scalability, all aimed at driving down manufacturing cost of test.

The Agilent E6601A is an integrated test system in one box. It features a built-in open Windows® XP PC, which allows test programs to be developed, downloaded and executed directly in the system, eliminating the test-system PC and saving system space and cost. With a completely new measurement architecture designed for high-speed measurements and industry-leading accuracy, repeatability and measurement integrity, the Agilent E6601A significantly lowers the cost of mobile-phone manufacturing test. In addition, the product has been designed for optimal reliability and low cost of ownership.

A key feature of the E6601A test solution is its speed, up to 30 percent faster than other solutions. New calibration applications for GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, WCDMA and HSDPA provide scalable, multi-format capability with only a software upgrade. An optional Fast Device Tune measurement provides breakthrough test-time improvements for mobile-phone calibration, up to 10x faster than traditional methods. Decreased test times directly reduce the cost of manufacturing calibration.

“With its accuracy, measurement integrity, speed and reliability, the E6601A is optimized to meet the needs of manufacturers calibrating wireless devices based on new and emerging wireless communications standards,” said Earl Thompson, general manager for Agilent Technologies Wireless Division. “In addition to the initial calibration-focused solutions, we are planning future releases that will provide solutions focused on reducing test times in final test as well as emerging technologies and new test methodologies.” Details of the company's other EuMW product launches will appear in coming days.