For nearly thirty years, Pascall has been at the heart of the European microwave community. In that time, the world has seen enormous changes in technology and the uses and applications of it. Over the years European Microwave Week has mirrored those changes while also being the platform for debating and evaluating the future direction of technological development, particularly from a European perspective. Pascall has an affinity with the European market and considers the European Microwave Week exhibition as a ‘must do’ event. The customers and contacts made there are always of a high calibre, together with the added benefit for the company to learn of new techniques and products. The event is not only viewed as a priority marketing exercise, but it also offers up the opportunity for networking with like minded people who are also at the forefront of our industry.

Also, the conference programme has expanded to take in wide and varied areas of interest in recent years and this eclectic mix of industry applications has become part of the intrigue of the whole week. So, just what will be of significant interest this year? The RF division of Pascall is as interested as anyone to learn the answer as we work at the forefront of some of the most active areas of the microwaves and RF industry. These include components, sub-systems and systems to 18 GHz designed for applications including communications, commercial aerospace and avionics, air traffic control, EW, radar receivers, sensors and weather radar.

The company is also at the leading edge of the ever-expanding field of ‘In Flight Entertainment’ with skills and expertise in the distribution of data via RF and the power supplies for the servers and passenger seats. The demand for more and more entertainment and communication possibilities in mid flight has now seen the launch of the use of personal mobile phones whilst in flight. Only a short time ago, live Internet via satellite and live TV were being seen as the new ‘must have’ capabilities for airlines keen to have the upper hand for customers' in flight enjoyment. Our industry has so much unseen influence over the life of the modern individual in so many different ways.

In recent times of course, the ever-present threat of global terrorism has also had an impact on the reasons for innovation. Sensors and detection equipment are new areas of huge improvement and more companies are being formed to rise to the challenge being thrown down by government agencies and prime contractors. This has also had the effect of enforcing tougher export controls, which is of specific concern to Pascall as we export over 80 percent of our products. In particular, the problems that European companies now have in dealing directly with their counterparts in the US are manifold and various. In some cases, it has become impossible to deal with technological issues and European manufacturers are increasingly looking for answers from within Europe.

Pascall recognises this challenge and is increasing its efforts within the European market to emphasise their capabilities. The US has historically been our main export market but this is now changing and the importance of the European customer base is rising. This is also true for markets within the Far East, who, in turn, are increasingly looking for non-US sources for their components.

It will be interesting to get other’s views on such issues at EuMW. If you are attending the exhibition and you would like to share your opinions or just take a look at the recently developed range of oscillator-based products we will be showing on Stand 542, you are more than welcome and we look forward to meeting you.