Inphi® Corp.’s recently launched GigaTrack™ family of high frequency Track-and-Hold Amplifiers (THA) has been selected by Wavecrest as a fundamental building block for its sophisticated family of signal integrity analysis (SIA) solutions, beginning with its SIA-4000. Wavecrest’s test equipment is used to analyze serial data communication and clock signals for a wide variety of applications. The SIA-4000 tests serial data applications with speeds up to 12.5 Gbps including applications such as PCI Express™ Gen 2, FB DIMM, 8X Fibre Channel and OC-192 SONET.

“This new architectural component delivers the high bandwidth functionality we need to meet the stringent demands of our customers across a wide range of applications and markets, and provides functionality that was not previously available,” said Dennis Petrich, senior vice president of Wavecrest. “The performance, availability and quality of these parts have also led us to incorporate them as key components in our future product development.”

The high bandwidth capability of Inphi’s 1821TH-S01BGA THAs enables Wavecrest’s SIA-4000 to perform high bandwidth sampling of signals under test in high data rate applications as well as high frequency clock and PLL applications.

“Wavecrest’s decision to integrate Inphi’s GigaTrack THAs throughout their SIA product line underscores the industry’s rapid acceptance of these devices as the new standard in speed and high bandwidth performance among track-and-hold devices,” said Kevin Nary, vice president of engineering at Inphi Corp. “The tremendously positive response to these products from the engineering community clearly emphasizes that the GigaTrack family fills a crucial need for high bandwidth and higher sample rates.”