The R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester is a multistandard test platform that developers can use to test user equipment for compliance with all wireless communications standards. Rohde & Schwarz has developed a new and innovative graphical test script development tool for this platform that does not require any programming experience: R&S CMWcards. The R&S CMWcards user interface resembles a card game. Simple rules let users quickly create functional tests or reproduce real network problems.  

R&S CMWcards provides a comprehensive pool of cards for the signaling currently used by the LTE and WCDMA standards. Users configure test scripts or parameterize protocol procedures by dragging and dropping the cards into a sequence. R&S CMWcards offers various types of cards, e.g. for setup, procedures or the man-machine interface. The color coding of the cards ensures that created test sequences are always practical and useful. A software wizard makes use of the various user equipment states detailed in the 3GPP specification and shows only those cards that put the device under test (DUT) into the desired protocol state. Once the user has finished creating the scenario, the test case can be executed immediately on the R&S CMW500.  

R&S CMWcards is ideal for complex applications such as throughput measurements, handover tests, inter-RAT procedures as well as for IMS VoLTE, including CS fallback (CSFB) and SRVCC. And just like conventional protocol test cases, there is a message log that collects the messages transmitted between the DUT and the network.  

The new R&S CMWcards user interface can be added to the R&S CMW500 at any time. R&S CMWcards is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.