AWR Corp. and Optenni Ltd. announced AWR Connected for Optenni Lab, an integrated workflow that accelerates wireless antenna design by enabling optimized matching circuits to be transferred from Optenni Lab matching circuit software to AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software with a single mouse click. The interface constructs the matching circuit in Microwave Office, sets up and runs the simulation, and then allows for further refinement and analysis within Microwave Office and AXIEM®, AWR’s 3D planar electromagnetic simulator.

Matching circuits are becoming popular in the wireless antenna design industry for speeding up the design flow and for enhancing the performance of antennas. Antennas can be tuned to resonate at the desired frequencies much faster by first designing a matching circuit than through modifications to the physical antenna dimensions.

Optenni Lab software enables matching circuits for antenna applications to be designed within seconds, starting from simulated or measured antenna impedance and the specifications of the operating frequencies. Optenni Lab optimizes the efficiency of the matching circuit, taking into account impedance mismatch, component losses and manufacturer component data from a component library.

“The main design goal of Optenni Lab is to help our customers to design better antennas in shorter time,” said Dr. Jussi Rahola, founder and managing director of Optenni Ltd. “Optenni’s customers are very excited about the integrated workflow with AWR’s Microwave Office, a recognized leader in circuit simulation. With the new workflow, antenna designers can easily use best-of-class tools for the design and analysis of matching circuits.”

Pricing and Availability

The integrated workflow with AWR Microwave Office is implemented in Optenni Lab version 1.4 SP3, which is available now. Contact Optenni Ltd. for pricing details and licensing options.