NI (formerly AWR Corp.) announces that AWR Connected™ for Antenna Magusnow supports the 64-bit V12 release of NI AWR Design Environment™. This interface between the respective firms' software products expedites antenna design from synthesis within Antenna Magus to full circuit/ electromagnetic (EM) simulation with Microwave Office circuit design software and AXIEM 3D planar EM simulation.

Antenna Magus provides a database of many different highly-characterized antenna models that can be exported to NI AWR software for EM analysis, integration, tuning and optimization. A select listing of antenna classes presently supported include microstrip patch antennas, microstrip patch arrays, and spiral antennas, as well as log-periodic and Yagi arrays and many more. 

AWR Connected for Antenna Magus is available now.  For product details and pricing, contact your local AWR Group, NI or Magus (Pty) Ltd. sales representative. Learn more at