Rohde & Schwarz has enhanced its fully integrated R&S SGS100A by adding a model for I/Q modulated signals from 80 MHz to 12.75 GHz. Combined with an I/Q baseband generator, the instrument can be used to generate test signals for all radio standards in this frequency range. As a result, the R&S SGS100A is ideal for X-band signals from 8 GHz to 12 GHz for radar and satellite communications. The I/Q modulator's wide RF bandwidth of 1 GHz makes it possible to generate pulses with high chirp bandwidths and steep pulse edges.   

Designed for use in automatic test systems, the smallest vector signal generator on the market delivers excellent performance across the entire frequency range up to 12.75 GHz. Only one unit high and ½ 19 inches wide, the compact R&S SGS100A saves space in the rack. And it is also extremely fast: All models can switch between the wanted frequency and level settings in only typ. 280 µs. They offer a very high output level of typ. +22 dBm as standard and have an electronic step attenuator covering the entire frequency range. The generator boasts high reference frequencies of 100 MHz and 1 GHz, which ensures excellent phase stability for phase-coupled applications involving multiple signal generators. This means higher production test throughput in addition to significantly reduced space requirements.  

The new model of the R&S SGS100A vector signal generator for I/Q-modulated signals from 80 MHz to 12.75 GHz is presented at European Microwave Week in Amsterdam (hall 3, booths 115/216). The R&S SGS100A is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.  

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