AMCAD Engineering announced the upgrade of its PIV semiconductor device analyzer family for the next generation of High Voltage Fast Switching (HVFS) Transistors.

HVFS transistors open the way to new targets and new designs for high efficiency dc-dc converters, switches, hubs and servers, telecom base stations, and automotive applications. Other applications include LED drive circuits and Class D audio amplifiers.

New HVFS transistor technology such as Enhanced Mode GaN FET and Silicon Carbide MOSFET offers major breakthrough with very fast switching frequencies capabilities that are up to 10 times higher than previous solutions, and permit designers to use lower duty cycles than they currently do. 

Unfortunately, up to now, there were no efficient testing solutions able to highlight the capabilities of these new technologies, which can provide simultaneously high voltage signals and short pulse/fast switching capabilities.

“AMCAD complements its existing Pulse IV system portfolio by offering a new solution with pulse width down to 400ns@1KV to help customer testing High voltage Fast Switching transistors”, said Tony Gasseling, General Manager. Gasseling continued, “Once again, we are very pleased to lead the innovation in the field of semiconductor pulsed characterization”.

The PIV High Voltage Fast Switching measurement system will be demo for the first time during the European Microwave Week Exhibition, AMCAD Booth #413, in Amsterdam, October 29-31, 2012.