Delta Microwave, a supplier of amplifiers, filters, filter/amplifiers, multiplexers, and integrated microwave assemblies would like to congratulate the NASA/JPL team on the August 6, 2012 landing of the Mars Science Laboratory. 

MSL's prime mission will last one Martian year (nearly two Earth years). Researchers will use the rover's tools to study whether the landing region has environmental conditions favorable for supporting microbial life.

The rover “Curiosity” landed in the Gale crater which has deep layers of sediment for researchers to study. “Curiosity” is much larger than any previous Mars Rover and five times heavier. 

Delta Microwave supplied L Band GPS filter/amplifiers for the range safety system of the Atlas V launch vehicle, X Band filters for the radar in the decent vehicle, and UHF couplers for the communications radio in the rover.