RFAM2790The RFAM2790 is an integrated EDGE QAM amplifier module employing a GaAs pHEMT die, a GaAs MESFET die, a 20 dB range variable attenuator, and a power enable feature. It provides high output power, excellent linearity, and superior return loss performance with low noise and optimal reliability.


  • Nominal Gain: 8dB to 28dB at 45MHz to 1003MHz
  • Continuously Adjustable Interstage Attenuator with Single Voltage Control Line.
  • Power Enable Feature
  • Single +12 VDC Supply
  • Unconditionally Stable Under All Terminations
  • CM-SP-DRFI-I09-100115 Compliant


  • CATV Edge QAM Systems
  • Line Amplifiers

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