Analog Devices invites you to visit its booth at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) to explore ADI's high performance RF ICs and world-leading data converters, covering bits to antenna and back.  

Onsite demonstrations showcasing ADI's latest product and system offerings including:  

  • 1/2 Watt Driver Amplifier with Dynamically Adjustable Bias
  • Highest Performance DDS ICs Commercially Available
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) Reference Demonstrator
  • JESD204 Interface Options for High Speed ADCs
  • World-Leading, High Performance Synthesizers
  • High Performance and High Frequency DACs
  • High Performance Microwave Technology
  • Highly Integrated IQ Modulators  

In addition, ADI is participating in a number of technical workshops and presentations on a variety of topics. To view the complete schedule, visit