Pulse Electronics Corp. introduces a high performance programmable antenna that enables LTE connectivity on mobile-connected laptop computers. The antenna can switch frequencies easily to accommodate both low and high operating bands. With a maximum height of 1mm, this low profile antenna fits the design of ultra thin laptops.

Pulse Electronics' new antenna enables four states for low band operation: 700-750MHz (LTE low), 750-790MHz (LTE high), 820-900MHz (GSM850) and 880-960MHz (GSM900) as well as high band operation covering GSM 1800/1900/2100. The switch to change the frequency is on the same flex as the antenna, saving space and maximizing performance. To fit the ergonomic and cosmetic appearance and function of the laptop, the antenna can be implemented to the device display area and adjusted for various display sizes (as long as good grounding to the display shield can be provided). The pattern can be made planar so it fits very thin displays. It is compatible with several antenna manufacturing technologies such as LDS, flex, and sheet metal, and can be adapted for a variety of display sizes and laptop computer configurations.

"Pulse Electronics designed this antenna in response to market demand for high performing antenna solutions for LTE-enabled laptops," explained Maritta Timosaari, sales and marketing director, Pulse Electronics Mobile Division. "This new antenna is a continuation of our Mobile Division's switchable antenna family and LTE tablet antennas. It is an enabler for ultra thin laptops operating on LTE bands." 

Dimensions of these programmable antennas are 65 (l)  x 12 (w) x 1 mm (h), although the length can vary. They have low loss in all states, with a return loss of -6 decibels (dB) and an impedance of 50 Ohms. The efficiency is greater or equal to 40%/-4dB. The switch is Sony SP4T/ CXM3569XR.

Pulse Electronics' programmable LTE antenna is RoHS compliant and comes packaged in trays. The antenna design is made to customer specifications. Engineering samples are available. The datasheet can be found at: www.pulseelectronics.com/download/3770/programmable_lte_antenna_for_laptops.