Agilent Technologies Inc. announced enhancements to its high-resolution, wide-bandwidth M8190A arbitrary waveform generator. The enhancements give engineers greater flexibility and make it possible for them to create signal scenarios using the 5 to 7 GHz spectrum.

The Agilent M8190A is a source of high fidelity because it simultaneously delivers wide bandwidth and high resolution with up to 80 dBc of spurious-free dynamic range. This unique combination lets engineers create signal scenarios that push their designs to the limit and bring new insights to their analyses.

An AWG is the most versatile signal scenario generator possible. Capabilities such as easy switching between 14-bit output at 8 GSa/s and 12-bit output at 12 GSa/s help engineers handle multiple applications and measurement requirements.

Because every application calls for different signal characteristics, the Agilent M8190A contains three amplifiers that are optimized for different applications. The latest enhancements take the instrument’s versatility one step further with support for various output formats, including NRZ (no return to zero), DNRZ (double no return to zero), RZ (return to zero) and doublet mode.

Engineers working on applications that require the highest spurious-free dynamic range can use the DNRZ format. For time-domain applications requiring the best pulse performance, engineers can use the NRZ format. If they need a higher frequency spectrum, they can switch into doublet mode, which allows them to use the 5 to 7 GHz spectrum. Engineers working on RF applications can select between the desired frequency spectrums.

“The M8190A with Agilent-proprietary technology enables accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements through precise signal simulation,” said Juergen Beck, general manager of Agilent’s Digital and Photonic Test Division. “Now we are able to go one step further and provide even better capabilities to our customers. The new level of signal fidelity accelerates insight into their designs and speeds up test cycles. Agilent is committed to ongoing improvements and innovations to give customers the tools to be successful.”