Rogers Corp.’s High Performance Foams Division introduces the next generation in dynamic flooring materials for railway and mass transit applications with its new L3 Première vibration isolation material.

L3 Première silicone foam was developed specifically to meet the most stringent global rail specifications for flammability, smoke and toxicity (FST), including the NF F 16-101 where the material achieved an M1F0 rating for 4 to 25 mm thickness.

Employing breakthrough technology, the new L3 Première improves the passenger experience by reducing vibration in flooring constructions. Utilizing L3 Première isolation pads enables a smoother, more comfortable passenger ride especially in high speed rail applications.

Under extreme conditions for temperature and load, L3 Première maintains performance by retaining thickness and performance with low stress relaxation. Twenty percent lighter than its L3 predecessor, the durable, long last-lasting material greatly resists compression set reducing the need for costly refurbishments over a railway cabin vehicle’s operational lifespan.