TriQuint is proud to announce a new packaged GaN discrete RF power transistor offering high PAE, gain and substantial wideband coverage. The T1G6001528-Q3 delivers more than 18 Watts of output power and greater than 50% efficiency across an exceptionally wide bandwidth (DC to 6 GHz.) The innovative new T1G6001528-Q3 is ideal for narrow and wideband applications.

The T1G6001528-Q3 offers >10 dB gain at 6 GHz and operates at 28 V; it is available in an earless ceramic package. Simple matching networks external to the device can provide straight-forward optimization for a particular application’s power, gain and efficiency requirements. This multifaceted device can be used in professional and military radio communication systems, jammers, military and civilian radar, test instrumentation, avionics and wideband or narrowband amplifiers.

Samples will be available in June. Contact TriQuint Product Marketing for sample requests and further information via the company’s website by clicking the link below our logo on this page.