The TAT7469 is a 75 Ω RF Amplifier designed for CATV use, but capable of operation up to 1200 MHz. The TAT7469 contains two separate amplifiers for push pull applications. It is fabricated using 6-inch GaAs pHEMT technology to optimize performance and cost. Each amplifier contains on-chip active biasing. The bias current set point of each amplifier is adjustable with a single resistor from the input to ground.

• 75 Ω, 50 MHz to 1200 MHz Bandwidth
• Low Noise Figure: 3.2 dB to 1000 MHz
• Adjustable Low Power Consumption
• pHEMT device technology
• SOIC-8 package

Typical Applications
• Edge QAM gain stage
• MDU Output
• Distribution amplifiers
• Node Transimpedance Amplifier

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