NoiseGenerThe ANG series of noise generators provide up to 1 W of white Gaussian noise output in several models over the 10 Hz-18 GHz frequency range, with custom options to 40 GHz.

The noise, which is diode generated, is amplified and the level can be varied in 1 dB steps from 0 to 10 dB or optionally in 0.1 dB steps from 0 to 111 dB.

Covering the frequency range from 10 to 2500 MHz, model ANG-1613 has been designed to be versatile in finding use in alignment and testing of satellite communication modems and IF systems, digital TV transmitters and cellular base stations as well as a wide range of laboratory test and measurement applications.

This instrument provides total white noise output power over the band of +10 dBm which equates to a noise density of -84dBm/Hz and with typical output flatness of +/-1.5 dB into a 50 ohm system.
Twin manual attenuations with front panel controls and easily readable indicators provide up to 100 dB of attenuation in 1 dB steps with the option to improve resolution further to 0.1 dB. Signals can be combined with the noise output via a built-in reactive, high isolation combiner.

Standard input and output connectors are stainless steel SMA female but options are available for other connector series including type N, BNC and TNC. Other options include remote digitally controlled attenuators, filtered output, multiple outputs, 75 ohms impedance and fixed frequency markers.

  • 10 Hz to 18 GHz
  • High Output, up to +30dBm
  • White Symmetrical Gaussian Noise
  • Test Instrument
  • Flat Output
  • Fine Attenuation Control

Custom options include:

  • Frequency Range
  • Output Power
  • Alternative Connectors
  • DC Input Power
  • Dual Outputs
  • Signal Input Attenuator
  • Continuously Variable Attenuators
  • Digitally Remote Controlled Attenuators
  • Filtered Output

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