CAP Wireless Inc. has been awarded $750 K in USAF SBIR funding to develop and produce a high efficiency, 150 W, gallium nitride-based power amplifier that covers the entire X-band. Based on its proprietary, patent-pending spatial combiner technology, this high power, solid-state amplifier technology can potentially fill applications that have historically used vacuum electron devices (VED) or traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA). Branded Spatium™, this technology offers the benefits of solid-state reliability, improved linearity, “soft” failure modes and depot level repair. Additionally, the fundamental technology supports ultra-broadband operation, operating up to one decade in bandwidth.

Paul Daughenbaugh, president of CAP Wireless, commented, “We are excited that the US Air Force has the confidence and foresight to invest in spatial combiner power amplifier technologies as a potential replacement for traveling wave tube devices. The Spatium series of amplifiers has the potential to offer previously unattainable combinations of microwave power and bandwidth to support new programs and applications.”