AR’s traveling wave tube amplifiers cover 0.8 to 45 GHz, CW power to 2700 watts and pulse goes to 16,000 watts. These amps provide coverage for a wider range of high-power microwave and EMC test application than any other brand of microwave amplifier. Plus they’re rich with features that make testing quicker, easier and more accurate.

We also offer a line of hybrid amplifiers that marry solid-state amplifiers and TWT power in a single unit. These models offer combinations of power and frequency carved out expressly for Telcordia (which requires suppressed harmonics) and EMC microwave applications. Each unit is designed for the 0.8 – 18 GHz frequency range and they provide 10, 20, 35 and 50 watts of CW power. Hybrids provide a cost-effective solution to frequency coverage problems by combining solid-state and TWT elements. They also eliminate the need for cable switching required when two amplifiers are used – a painstaking procedure that can lead to system errors and repeatability problems.