Unique RFIC Verification GoldenGate's uniqe algorithms are optimized for the challenging demands of modern complex radio design. These demands require a simulator with capabilities not previously available. GoldenGate addresses these demands with the ability to converge on complete transceivers with the speed to enable full characterization prior to tape out. Reduced Design Spins A common theme amongst all RFIC design projects is a lack of complete characterization of the radio prior to tape out. This results in costly spins, missed time-to-market and has lead to companies going out of business. The primary culprits for this lack of characterization has traditionally been the inability of existing simulation tools to perform and the lack of time. GoldenGate helps reduce design spins through its capacity to simulate full transceiver chains, including parasitic views, its speed to perform these simulations extremely fast and its unique frequency-domain capabilities to perform the necessary analyses allowing designers to meet specs. Increased Manufacturability Designers are often faced with the task of not only designing a working radio, but ensuring it is highly manufacturable in volume. GoldenGate enables the designer to run extensive Monte Carlo analyses, sweeps across process corners and yield analysis. These simulations have traditionally been too time consuming to be useful given tight design schedules. GoldenGate enables these necessary analyses by providing simulation speedups orders of magnitude over traditional transient-based techniques through its uniqe frequency-domain capabilies.