Providing design engineers with a rugged resistive device specifically designed for transmission line termination at high frequencies, TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has developed a microwave/RF termination resistor rated for operation at frequencies up to 40 GHz. Designated the MWR series, the microwave chip resistor is constructed using IRC’s proprietary TaNFilm self passivating thin film resistive element, providing an ultra stable corrosion-resistant device suitable for use in harsh environments.

“Because the MWR series chip resistors are specifically characterized for high frequency performance, they provide superior line termination performance in comparison to generic ‘off-the-shelf’ chip resistors,” said Jerry Seams, applications engineering manager for IRC’s Advanced Film Division.

The planar ceramic flip chip package design keeps the resistive element in the same plane as the circuit, Seams continued, keeping parasitic inductance and capacitance to a minimum. Available with solderable or bondable terminations, the chips are suitable for solder attachment as discrete chips, as well as in chip-and-wire or ribbon-attached hybrid circuits. The devices also feature optional back side gold metallization.

The MWR series microwave chip resistors are ideal for high frequency circuits in military/aerospace, computer, medical and networking equipment. Typical applications include wired and wireless telecommunications, radar systems and high frequency hybrid circuits.