Westford, Ma–December 9, 2009–Laser Services, Inc., an ISO and AS-9100 registered precision laser cutting, drilling, scribing, etching, and welding job shop, is celebrating their 30th anniversary. Established in 1979 by founders Bruce and June Beauchesne, the company is owned and operated today by Gregory Sexton, President and CEO.

“30 years is an incredible milestone,” says Sexton. “We’re unique because our doors are always wide open to our customers. By keeping up with the latest high powered equipment, and fostering an employee culture where everyone feels like family, we’ve built a solid reputation as a true solutions provider. Here’s to another 30 years!”

Laser Services offers a variety of unique design and manufacturing advantages to engineers and technicians in the RF/Microwave, medical device, semiconductor, test and measurement, aerospace, military, and electronics industries, among others. In the past 30 years, they’ve contributed to the NASA Chandra Telescope and the CERN particle accelerator, helped medical researchers perfect implants, assisted in the advance of breast cancer research, perfected solder preforms that enabled the design of microwave assemblies used in anti IED devices, and even helped restore Ferraris by replicating key components.

“Every day it’s something new,” says Tim Gilbert, Director of Sales. “One day we’re cutting and welding tiny metal parts for an aircraft engine or muscle clamps for the University of Liverpool, and next week it’s cutting and drilling substrates for smart phones and stainless steel for bone replacement forms. It keeps us on our toes and we love the challenges.”